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Facilitate green transformation

Due to many adverse factors, we are moving through one of the most critical periods for our economy. The only way to overcome the crisis is the independence from raw materials external supplies.

As we know, Europe is not a continent full of natural resources and its economy often depends on relations with intercontinental suppliers.

The only way to guarantee European economic stability is to treat waste as an important resource that cannot be wasted.

Strategic cooperation is needed
It requires strategic cooperation between institutions (with effective reforms and their implementation) and companies skilled in waste management, recovery and recycling of wastes in their sectors for reusing (in full compliance with European standards) as raw materials.

So far, these two key issues often do not work synchronously, i.e. there isn’t enough care and control of the waste for a right transfer to companies able to convert these into a product compliant with European standards for reuse.

Moreover, the quantities of waste currently received by these companies are not enough to maintain the demand on the European market.

All this contributes only to excessive inflation and consumer price increases, and even more to speculation. In short, ecological transformation cannot be achieved without the support of basic pillars, such as skilled waste recycling centres into raw materials, which will make this transformation sustainable and effective.

Citizens expect real solutions

Silvio Bucci, founder of NewTechLab, with his partners has anticipated the current market situation by launching the development plan of NTL at the beginning of 2018. He believed that the “green” sector would be the future of our planet economically and environmentally.

Against to all predictions, NewTechLab was able to accomplish a feat that the entire fire industry world considered impossible.

NTL’s strategy has been, and still is, a long-term planning to create a solid collaboration between research and development centres, public institutions and business partners.

Today, to make the green transformation painless for consumers, we need cooperation between governments and businesses with recycling knowledge and technologies to redesign the current systems and processes. Citizens expect real solutions, not theories.

Therefore, NTL is at the disposal to institutions and society, providing its know-how (and therefore specific support) to facilitate the ecological transformation in terms of regulations and applicability in everyday life.

source: gazeta finansowa 10/2022

Fire extinguisher future

“The situation of our planet is getting worse. any initiative toward a circular economy, it is priceless for the environment” – said Silvio Bucci, Newtechlab’s CEO.

NewTechLab is an innovative company whose domain has been the “zero waste” idea.

The company operates in the fire protection industry and supports sustainable development and earth protection initiatives. Thanks to advanced technology, Newtechlab is a pioneer of the “go-green” model. It’s the first company in Europe to process and reuse used ABC powder, making it environmentally sustainable.

For the brand, the last two years were successful. It is the winner of several important awards, including Ekostrategist 2020, Ekostrategist 2021 and the European Economic Award.

Through its achievements, the company shows that what apparently seems to be worthless can become a fully usable product. For its achievement, NewTechLab has been awarded with the Made in Poland 2022 award.

According to the President of the company, NewTechLab has many reasons to be proud, because Poland shows the ability to achieve the expectations of the European Green order. “The NewTechLab team is certainly a model to be followed.

“We found a solution to the serious problem of the raw material deficit,” said proudly the President Silvio Bucci.



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Second Life for Fire extinguisher (

Sustainable development in the industrial and environmental fields is becoming a very important topic for many companies looking for new opportunities.

In, an interview was published with NewTechLab representatives, where show how to reconcile modern entrepreneurship with environmental protection.

Read the interview at:

NewTechLab – who are we?

Our story starts well earlier than the current activity of NewTechLab.

Our technology partners have been pioneers in the production and use of dry ABC powder since ’70 of the 20th century, with a major contribution to the work on the definition of current standards for fire extinguishers ABC (as part of regulation EN615).

They are real experts in this area and are now leading our development.

NewTechLab is one of the few companies in Poland able to recycle 100% of the components from several types of fire extinguishers. All of this is done with full respect for the environment and according with the current regulations. Our operations began in 2017 with a research and development program that allowed us to start up our full business and services since the end of 2019.

Our ambition is to further develop and become a European leader in the disposal of fire extinguishers and the production of fire-fighting products.

The key goals of NewTechLab are: 100% eco-friendly operations, waste reduction and affordable high-quality product delivery.

President Silvio Bucci at the 3rd International Economic Forum

NewTechLab was one of the participants in the III International Economic Forum in Piekary Śląskie. The company was represented by President Silvio Bucci, interwied by Karolina Hentiz from Panorama Gospodarca, who explained the NewTechLab business, with particular emphasis on promoting a circular economy and the importance of the “zero waste” policy.

You are welcome to read the Article published on Panorama Gospodarcza:

Source: Europejski Ośrodek Rozwoju Gospodarki

Ekostrateg 2020 award for NewTechLab

“It’s a good idea to set up new business directions and communicate new standards to our customers,” said NewTechLab Silvio Bucci, President, who received the 2020 Ekostrategist award. It is another confirmation that the direction of development adopted by NewTechLab is also an excellent example for other companies searching their place on the European market for green products and services.

Ekostrategist was an initiative of the Polish Enterprise Agency. Its main objective is to promote positive business attitudes toward environmental protection through innovative solutions for the economy. This idea is very well-suited to the values driven by NewTechLab. As President Silvio Bucci points out, being a pioneer in the market for managing the disposal of fire extinguishers and the regeneration of fire powder is a big commitment.

“We know that we are in the right direction and that is also our responsibility to support such business attitudes toward the development of the circular economy. With our efforts, we can say that NewTechLab is a green company that, thanks to recycling and zero waste policy, creates a fully usable product. It is proof that it’s possibile develop a dinamic business taking care the environment,” explains Silvio Bucci and adds: – Thanks to the Polish Enterprise Agency for recognizing and appreciating our job. This strongly encourages us to further develop the green growth of our company.

For many years, the Polish Enterprise Agency worked for a good image of Polish companies, institutions, self-governments and universities. It also builds its tasks through national media. It is a publisher of the Business and Business Forum Plus, an addition to Gazeta Wyborcza. It is the organizer of the Polish Business Congress and also many national industry conferences. The Polish Business Agency offers opportunities for potential business partners by organizing an area of exchange of experiences and modern solutions to strengthen the potential of the Polish economy.

NewTechLab with a made in Poland 2022 award!

Once again, the business values established in our company have been appreciated. NetTechLab has been nominated for the prestigious made in Poland award, granted as part of the congress of Polish producers, distributors and service providers.

“This is an excellent information for us, which shows that our efforts, on one side, to improve our core business and, one the other one, to protect the environment, gained recognition of the Polish Enterprise Agency. This is a honor for us, but it is also a commitment for a further develop of a sustainable recycling-promoting activity and a zero weste principle” emphasizes Silvio Bucci, President of NewTechLab.

Congress MADE in POLAND is a cyclical event aimed at highlighting the potential of Polish producers, which has a significant impact on the shape and development of the polish economy in various sectors. It is also an opportunity to show a wide range of companies and companies in dynamic growth, which can be a good example of sustainable business, even for foreign partners.

About NewTechLab

NewTechLab is an innovative company that benefits years of experience in the fire extinguishing industry and from ABC extinguishing powders in many industries.

As one of the few companies in Poland, NewTechLab can dispose of all types of fire extinguishers 100%, in full compliance with environmental regulations and regulations in Poland and Europe.

The company’s headquarters is located in Skalna near the airport in Krakow.