Quality requires research and control

The activities of NewTechLab in the fire protection industry are many important aspects on which the vision of our business development is based. In addition to green technologies and environmental protection, our most important goals also include maintaining the highest quality of products that we offer our customers.

Quality is one of the key elements of our business and certainly an element that distinguishes us in the fire protection industry. By offering our products to customers in Poland and Europe, we want to be sure that they are of the highest quality and allow not only to meet market demand, but also contribute to the protection of the natural environment, and are part of the circular economy.

We deliver on our commitment to high-quality NewTechLab products in many ways. In the area of ​​extinguishing powder regeneration, we focus on a reliable analysis of the material. We have a modern laboratory that allows us to carry out a detailed analysis of the chemical composition of extinguishing powders. We also use the experience of external, accredited laboratories, where we additionally perform comparative tests confirming compliance with the EN615 standard.

An important element of maintaining the quality of regenerated extinguishing powder is the control of each batch produced. Our employees take special care of the proper parameters and characteristics of the material, which then determine the appropriate level of safety in fire protection conditions.

Undoubtedly, the basis of our activities is modern technology and advanced devices that allow the regeneration of used extinguishing powder and its preparation according to specific chemical parameters. Thanks to advanced technology, NewTechLab produces regenerated ABC powder suitable for universal use. At the same time, NTL30 extinguishing powder does not contain PFAS and is fully compliant with the EN615 standard.

As a company, we have made sure that modern technology is also green, and therefore that it allows to use the potential of the ecological aspect of our business to the maximum extent. We want to be a company that sets a good example to others, but we also take responsibility for caring for the natural environment as part of our business activities.

We dispose of fire extinguishers according to the “Zero waste” principle

NewTechLab’s offer includes comprehensive solutions in the field of fire protection. What distinguishes us from the industry is that we focus our development on modern, green technologies that allow us to achieve ambitious business goals while fully respecting the natural environment. An important part of our offer is the COLLECTION AND DISPOSAL OF A WIDE RANGE OF EXTINGUISHING EXTINGUISHERS AND EXTINGUISHING POWDERS.

Disposal of fire extinguishers is important

Since we support the development of a circular economy, the “Zero waste” principle is an extremely important means of achieving NewTechLab’s business goals. Its explanation is very simple – the idea is to ensure that nothing is wasted in your business and that the highest possible percentage of components can be reused. This is how it is with the disposal of fire extinguishers, which we carry out at our NewTechLab plant in Skawina.

We collect and dispose of a wide range of fire extinguishers – ABC powder aggregates, fire extinguishers – CO2 snow aggregates. We also dispose of ABC / BC / mix of ABC and BC extinguishing powder.

We take care of the environment together

Thanks to the cooperation with many companies and institutions, including public ones, we can significantly reduce the amount of fire extinguishing waste, and at the same time contribute to its further processing. These are also activities that protect our natural environment, and in a broader context affect the transfer of good practices in this area, also to other companies and not only in the area of ​​fire protection.

We should be aware that expired, empty or damaged fire extinguishers may contain chemicals that pose a threat to the environment and our health. Therefore, it is very important not to throw this type of waste into an ordinary municipal waste container or – even worse – outside the designated points. In such cases, we encourage you to contact our company and provide us with old and used fire extinguishers for disposal.

We invite private persons, companies, enterprises and all kinds of public institutions to cooperate with us. We support all our clients in the transport, collection, transfer, collection and disposal of firefighting waste. By cooperating with NewTechLab, you support environmental protection and sustainable development according to the “Zero waste” principle.

Why are innovations so important?  

From the very beginning of our activity, we believe that innovations, especially those based on green technologies, are currently the only right way that can drive development and at the same time protect the natural environment around us. That is why we make every effort to ensure that everything we offer our clients is based on sustainable development using the extremely important “Zero waste” principle, which applies to the entire NewTechLab offer and at the same time becomes the leitmotif in everyday cooperation with our Partners.

Our efforts have also been repeatedly appreciated by industry awards granted by the Polish Agency for Entrepreneurship – the EKOSTRATEG 2020, 2021, 2022 award and by the European Center for Economic Development – Economic Award 2021. This confirms that the direction of development adopted by NewTechLab is a great commitment for us for the next years and decades of our business activity in the field of fire protection.

Innovative offer of NewTechLab

We are fast-growing company that uses many years of experience in the field of fire protection and the use of extinguishing powders. The innovative offer of NewTechLab is based on innovative green technologies, thanks to which we can offer our customers throughout Europe the highest quality products created with respect for the natural environment.

Quality sets us apart

We always focus on quality, which allows us to develop our products and good cooperation with strategic Partners in ten European countries. The high standards in our work were appreciated by the Polish Entrepreneurship Agency, which awarded NewTechLab with the Ekostrateg 2022 award and the European Center for Economic Development, which awarded our company with the Economic Award 2021.

It is worth noting that at the beginning of 2023, we received a green quality certificate from the Dutch Keurmerk Instituut for our product, which is regenerated ABC NTL30 extinguishing powder. This is a great distinction for NewTechLab, but also the best proof of the highest quality of our product.

Driven by innovation

We believe that development is not possible without innovation, which is why in our NewTechLab offer we focus on modern solutions that always go hand in hand with respect for the natural environment. One of our important goals is also to support the circular economy.

Currently, we are one of the few companies in Poland that is able to recycle firefighting waste in 100%, fulfilling our mission to protect the environment and complying with all applicable regulations in this regard. Therefore, by joining the group of our clients, we become part of responsible development in the area of ​​fire protection.

Our offer

The NewTechLab offer includes several key elements that distinguish our company from the competition:

  • Disposal of fire extinguishers
  • Recycling of dry powder
  • Regenerated ABC powder
  • Extensive business support

Disposal of fire extinguishers – In our facility we can collect and dispose of a broad of fire extinguishers.

Recycling of dry powder – To address the needs of both service companies and manufacturers we can collect extinguishing ABC and BC powder (in 1-ton-big-bags or containers).

Regenerated ABC powder – Thanks to our proprietary technology we can produce regenerated ABC powder suitable for universal use.

Extensive business support – Together with our third-party partner and providers we can organize 360’ solution include among others chemical analysis, logistics and transport. All of this, to provide you the best overall service.

Contact us: 

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We invite you to cooperate!

Newtechlab Ekostrateg 2022

On the way to the eco-stability

We are facing a huge challenge today. We must prevent a global environmental disaster. Companies like Newtechlab are representing a real solution.

Newtechlab is an innovative company focused on the “zero waste” idea, supporting sustainable development and earth protection initiatives.

Newtechlab is a pioneer in the go-green model thanks to their advanced technologies.

President Silvio Bucci already noted Poland’s potential in 2008. Economical potential, providing opportunities for start-up developments, and logistics thanks to its location that allows easy communications.

Newtechlab also notes the extremely important problem affecting not only Poland, but also the whole world: too much emphasis on recycling stubble.

The solution could be found in the increase of the cooperation between authorities and private companies. At this moment, environmental protection and proper waste management are the most important topic and it can be achieved through the cooperation of many actors, including government authorities.

In environmental topics there is no place for half-measures. Companies like Newtechlab and CEO Silvio Bucci are seeing real problems and are focused on real actions.

Tomasz Kisiel, forbes.pl.

Doręczenie nagród Ekostrateg 2022

Award ceremony Ekostrateg 2022

Below the award of the 2022 Ekostrategist during the 9th Polish Congress of Entrepreneurship and the interview with the President of Newtechlab Silvio Bucci and the Chief Manager Lukasz Piątkiewicz.

Certificate Ekostrateg 2022
Certificate Ekostrateg 2022

A clean world with Newtechlab

Silvio Bucci, President of NEWTECHLAB, talks about eco-friendly and innovative solutions in the environmental sector.

What is the meaning of the 2021 Ekostrategist Award for NEWTECHLAB?

This award is a recognition for our hard work and the engagement of all the company’s staff and confirms the correct direction taken by NEWTECHLAB.
Thanks to this award, our company has become part of the elite of the Polish market. It took more than two years to achieve this goal, so we are even more enthusiastic about the recognition. We believe that our results and activities will also be a signal for other entrepreneurs. Thanks to awards such as the “Polish Congress of Entrepreneurship” we will be able to further advance the future vision of NEWTECHLAB.

How does this award translate into the future of NEWTECHLAB?

According with the “zero waste” idea, we are in the development step of our technology and our products, promoting and caring the ecology and the common environment. We also want to cooperate with public, private companies and institutions in the definition of new waste management policies and in the development of modern business models.
Today, building a green start-up often involves many legal, bureaucratic and regulatory issues that make most projects very complex and long-term.
That is why we believe that our common commitment to the environmental protection and an higher control over waste management will help to simplify the formal requirements for the opening of new companies in our sector.

What is NEWTECHLAB’s development strategy? What distinguishes you from other projects?

NEWTECHLAB’s “Strategy” is definitely linked to new projects and innovative solutions for the market.
Our business should not only be classified for the management of extinguishing waste, because while others dispose the waste, NEWTECHLAB find it, recycles it and recovers the products from the waste. That help to keep a cleaner planet – our home.
With current and future business partners, we are ready to invest in new business models. We hope that, through the cooperation with public and private research institutes, we will further improve our know-how to support our development.

What do you think of events such as the Polish Congress of Entrepreneurship?

I am positively surprised. The Polish Congress for Entrepreneurship is a unique event of great importance. It involves entrepreneurs with a significant impact on modern economics and environmental measures. We have started many new contacts with our partners, not only in our sector. I am also honoured to be among the speakers during the debate on environmental protection and promotion. In addition to my speech, I had the opportunity to listen to other discussions, which I consider to be a great added value.

Sylwia Giersztyn

Translation by Newtechlab