NEW TECH LAB on the path od the European Green Deal

The purpose of the European Green Deal is to make Europe the world’s first climate-neutral continent by 2050. It is a comprehensive plan that aims to transform Europe’s economy and society, ensuring a sustainable future for all. The European Green Deal focuses on areas such as decarbonizing the energy sector, promoting sustainable agriculture, advancing circular economy principles, protecting biodiversity, and addressing pollution and waste management.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of 17 global goals established by the United Nations as part of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development. These goals cover a wide range of social, economic, and environmental issues, including eradicating poverty, promoting quality education, achieving gender equality, ensuring clean water and sanitation, and combating climate change. The SDGs provide a blueprint for countries, organizations, and individuals to work towards creating a more sustainable and equitable world.

NEW TECH LAB can certainly contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. By adopting sustainable practices in their operations, such as optimizing energy usage, transitioning to renewable energy sources, and implementing energy-efficient technologies, NEW TECH LAB can significantly reduce their carbon footprint. Additionally, they can encourage their employees, clients, and stakeholders to adopt sustainable practices and raise awareness about the importance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Furthermore, NEW TECH LAB can develop innovative solutions and technologies that contribute to the overall goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This could involve creating sustainable energy systems, promoting energy efficiency in various industries, or developing technologies that help monitor and reduce emissions. By focusing on these efforts, NEW TECH LAB can actively contribute to the global efforts to mitigate climate change and work towards a more sustainable future.

He emigrated from Italy to Poland and heads NEW TECH LAB 

This is the story of a man who started from scratch, emigrated from Italy to Poland and in less than 10 years became a manufacturer in the fire protection industry, using innovative environmentally friendly solutions, resulting in a regenerated fire extinguishing powder, certified as a sustainable and ecological product in firefighting sector. A visionary, a dreamer who, thanks to New Tech Lab and the innovations used, leaves an important mark in this field, designing it towards a future based on sustainable development and respect for the natural environment.

We invite you to watch the reportage of the Italian public television RAI about Silvio Bucci, one of the creators of NEW TECH LAB Sp. o. o.

NewTechLab during “Doing Business in Italy”

A conference entitled “Doing Business in Italy” was held at the Krakow Technology Park on December 6. The meeting, organized by the Business in Malopolska Center, was attended by CEO and founder of NewTechLab Silvio Bucci. The conference is a space for companies interested in developing business relations in the Italian market and an opportunity for entrepreneurs to exchange experiences.

– We have been successfully working with Italian companies for several years and developing innovation through joint ventures. As a green technology company, we know how important it is to build relationships with business partners, especially in the Italian market, which is a leading one when it comes to the area of fire protection – said NewTechLab CEO Silvio Bucci. 

The conference was opened by Elisabetta Caprino, Managing Director of the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Poland, and Jozef Gawron, Deputy Marshal of the Malopolska Region. Thanks to the invited speakers, conference participants were able to learn more about the Polish Investment and Trade Agency’s support for Polish entrepreneurs, how to establish a presence on the Italian market and what to pay special attention to in business relations, as well as about shipping and transport in economic cooperation with companies from the Apennine Peninsula. 

The event was organized by the Business in Małopolska Center, and the conference was held under the honorary patronage of Witold Kozłowski, Marshal of the Małopolska Region.

What will our future look like?

What will happen in a few years if we don’t take care of the environment? What will our future be if we continue to think that we can’t do anything alone, and that everything depends on big companies and organizations? Time to act is getting shorter and shorter, so at New Tech Lab we are aware of the importance of protecting the environment and developing green technologies. It’s not just a matter of developing our company, but building a future for the next generations.

We all know the importance of fresh air, clean water and a good climate around us. However, to make it possible, all of us should do our part, no matter who we are or what we do for a living. Our individual responsibility should become mutual and also falls on companies, from the smallest to large corporations.

At New Tech Lab, we take environmental protection very seriously, and base our business on the belief that bringing products back for reuse in a closed-loop economy makes a lot of sense. That’s why we deal with two key activities on a daily basis:

  • collection and disposal of firefighting waste,
  • production of reprocessed ABC NTL30 fire extinguishing powder.

In all of our activities, we strive to reduce our environmental impact, as evidenced by the green certification obtained for NTL30 regenerated fire extinguishing powder by the Dutch Keurmerk Intituut. This means that our product is fully compliance with the European green deal regulations and then environmentally friendly. Also, all processes for the collection and disposal of firefighting waste are organized in such a way as to support environmental protection.

Starting with ourselves, we are building awareness and space for the development of green technologies. We also undertake cooperation with proven business partners who are guided by similar values as New Tech Lab. At the same time, we welcome all companies, institutions and public entities that have firefighting waste and are looking for a reliable business partner, including for long-term orders. Together we can make our future better and the world around us much more beautiful.

Green activities of NewTechLab [video]

Everything we do at NewTechLab is related to develop green technologies and support our environment. Our goal is to reintroduce fire fighting waste into the market by keeping big standard of quality.

From the very beginning of our business activities, the main scope has been supporting the circular economy model. Therefore, our main activity is the collection and disposal of expired extinguishing waste, as well as the production of reprocessed ABC extinguishing dry powder named NTL30

We dispose fire expired fire extinguishers and extinguishing powder

Since 2019, we have been dealing with the collection and disposal of a wide range of fire extinguishers – ABC powder aggregates, fire extinguishers – Co2 snow aggregates and ABC / BC extinguishing powders. We always apply the key principle of “zero Waste”. Thanks to this, we return to circulation the raw materials that we obtain in the form of waste.

We invite all companies, enterprises, institutions and public units, organizations and individuals to cooperate with us.

Reprocessed extinguishing powder

The advanced technology used in NewTechLab allows us to produce reprocessed ABC extinguishing dry powder, to be reused into fire extinguishers. Our product, NTL30 ABC dry powder, does not contain PHAS and is fully compliant with the EN615 standard. It has also obtained a green certificate of quality from the Dutch Keurmerk Instituut, which confirms that it is a sustainable and ecological product.

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