Another edition of the WORLD CUP Katowice Internationals is behind us, held on June 15-16. The event gathered football teams from as many as 24 countries on the fields of the Sports Center on Asnyka Street! NEW TECH LAB also took part in the sports rivalry and the accompanying excitement by supporting and sponsoring the Italian team!

Involvement in such initiatives promotes values that make us better in both private and professional life. Fair play, striving for goals, and respect for opponents open us up to others as well as our own development. These are extremely important values in both sports and business.

The NEW TECH LAB team congratulates all the teams for participating in the championships and for their achievements. We especially thank the Italian team for their cooperation and incredible effort, which provided us with special excitement during the WORLD CUP Katowice Internationals. This is also a great example of how to fight to the end, even when it is very tough.

After the first day of competition, the Italian team secured first place in Group 2. During the final rounds, they won the first match after a fierce battle against the Algerian team 3:2. In the Round of 16, Italy faced the Uzbekistan team, which ultimately won 2:0.

Once again, we congratulate the Organizers and all Participants of the WORLD CUP Katowice Internationals!

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