In everything we do, passion and responsibility are important. By producing regenerated NTL 30 extinguishing powder, we care about our environment and planet by supporting the circular economy. As a member of the Waste Management and Recycling Cluster, we work for the development of green technologies in industry.

NewTechLab’s business activity allows for the creation of space for cooperation with entities that operate according to a similar philosophy, based on respect for the natural environment and the development of green technologies. An important aspect is also the extensive support for the circular economy, which allows the use of already available resources and their return to economic and business circulation.

The most important direction is the development of our main product, which is the first reprocessed and certified ABC extinguishing powder named NTL 30. It does not contain PHAS and is fully compliant with the EN615 standard. NTL30 has been certified as a green and sustainable product by the Dutch Keurmerk Instituut, confirming its ecological character. Reprocessed ABC  extinguishing dry powder is made from recovered extinguishing waste and is a very good example of how we support the circular economy in our field by using existing resources!

In addition to technological development and the implementation of further green solutions in our operations, we support the development of the circular economy by participating in domestic and foreign events aimed at exchanging experiences and developing innovation in business.

NewTechLab is also a member of the Waste Management and Recycling Cluster, which brings together over 200 companies from the waste industry in Poland. For all these entities, an important element of operation and cooperation is the use of planet-friendly technologies and processes. Subsequent meetings and events organized by the Waste Management and Recycling Cluster confirm that it is extremely important to support and develop innovation focused on the circular economy. The last event attended in Warsaw by representatives of NewTechLab was the Polish Circular Forum (June 2023), during which, among other things, systemic solutions supporting companies and institutions implementing the assumptions of the circular economy were discussed.

It is also worth noting that by developing its business activities, NewTechLab is part of the European Green Deal, which aims to reduce emissions, achieve the goal of climate neutrality, and fight climate change. In this way, we set an example to other companies why it is worth taking responsibility for our common future by protecting the natural environment around us.

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