On June 6-7, the Polish Circular Forum was held in Warsaw, which is an important space for discussion and exchange of experience in the field of circular economy, and at the same time an important area for companies dealing with professional waste management. Therefore, the event could not miss the NewTechLab company, represented by its president Silvio Bucci.

– We want and we are everywhere where important topics regarding the circular economy, recycling, waste management, as well as the important principle of “Zero Waste” are discussed. That is why we accepted the invitation from the Waste Management and Recycling Cluster to participate in the Polish Circular Forum with great enthusiasm – says Silvio Bucci, president of NewTechLab.

– Our participation in this event is also an important voice when it comes to companies dealing with the disposal of firefighting waste and – like our company – the production of regenerated extinguishing powder. We believe that thanks to such meetings, we become part of green changes and part of important decisions leading to a circular economy – adds Silvio Bucci.

The Polish Circular Forum was divided into a panel part and a workshop part. During thematic discussions, invited guests, waste management specialists and representatives of the regional authorities of Mazovia, explained the most important issues regarding the circular economy. This part of the event was attended by: Adam Jarubas, Member of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety, Member of the European Parliament, Anna Szajkowska, DG Environment, European Commission, Dorota Napierska, Specialist for Consumption and Free Production Policy from toxic substances, Zero Waste Europe, Umberto Credali, Plastics Europe Polska, Katarzyna Byczkowska, President of the Management Board of BASF Polska, Agnieszka Zdanowicz and Katarzyna Błachowicz, Vice President of the Management Board of the Waste Management and Recycling Cluster.

In the workshop part, representatives of companies participating in the Polish Circular Economy addressed the most important topics in the broadly understood area of ​​circular economy, developing specific conclusions and recommendations to support companies and institutions implementing the idea of ​​a circular economy. The NewTechLab company took part in the workshop on the topic “Circular strategies of sustainable development”. The meeting was hosted by Piotr Nejman from Circular Poland.

As a member of the Waste Management and Recycling Cluster, NewTechLab also participated in the meeting of the Cluster Council, and was represented by its president, Silvio Bucci. It was an opportunity to approve development directions and activities for the near future in the area of ​​​​promoting the idea of ​​a circular economy.

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