Developing NewTechLab’s business activity is an activity on many levels. One of the key elements is to maintain the high quality of our products. However, looking more broadly, we also care about sustainable development, which has a large impact on the protection of the natural environment. It is a special commitment to the planet and an investment in the future of our children. In order for all these elements to work together, education is needed. That is why we have established NewTechLab Academy.

Our activity in the field of fire protection is a great commitment to our customers, but also corporate social responsibility, which makes us want to pass on knowledge also in the area of ​​environmental protection. We believe that this is a particularly important topic nowadays, which will allow us to build a common, green future.

In addition to our business goals, we have been placing strong emphasis on educational activities for a long time. We share our vision of running a business in a circular economy, we promote proper and professional disposal of firefighting waste, but we also emphasize how important it is to develop common environmental awareness. Thanks to this, all together we can change a lot around us and ensure that our planet can take a deep breath.

As a company, we have established the NewTechLab Academy, thanks to which we treat education as part of our business. Regardless of whether we start cooperation with new contractors or open new directions for business development, we always pass on knowledge about how we operate, how we use green technologies, and what we can do together so that we have a clean natural environment around us.

NewTechLab Academy is also an opportunity to pass on knowledge about green technologies to the young generation. Therefore, as a company, we are open and ready to support environmental education through cooperation with institutions and schools. It is the young generation that is our future and it is worth investing in their educational development.

The first NewTechLab Academy meetings are behind us. One of them took place in Milan. It was there that Silvio Bucci, the president of our company, had the opportunity to present the most important assumptions of professional disposal of fire extinguishing waste during a meeting with NewTechLab partners. By showing how the proper disposal of firefighting waste works, we promote good business practices and confirm that green technologies are not only our future, but also a space for dynamic development.

By sharing the news about the creation of NewTechLab Academy, we invite you to educational cooperation that will allow you to reach an even wider group of people, including entrepreneurs and local communities. From now on, education becomes part of our NewTechLab development mission.

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