Silvio Bucci, President of NEWTECHLAB, talks about eco-friendly and innovative solutions in the environmental sector.

What is the meaning of the 2021 Ekostrategist Award for NEWTECHLAB?

This award is a recognition for our hard work and the engagement of all the company’s staff and confirms the correct direction taken by NEWTECHLAB.
Thanks to this award, our company has become part of the elite of the Polish market. It took more than two years to achieve this goal, so we are even more enthusiastic about the recognition. We believe that our results and activities will also be a signal for other entrepreneurs. Thanks to awards such as the “Polish Congress of Entrepreneurship” we will be able to further advance the future vision of NEWTECHLAB.

How does this award translate into the future of NEWTECHLAB?

According with the “zero waste” idea, we are in the development step of our technology and our products, promoting and caring the ecology and the common environment. We also want to cooperate with public, private companies and institutions in the definition of new waste management policies and in the development of modern business models.
Today, building a green start-up often involves many legal, bureaucratic and regulatory issues that make most projects very complex and long-term.
That is why we believe that our common commitment to the environmental protection and an higher control over waste management will help to simplify the formal requirements for the opening of new companies in our sector.

What is NEWTECHLAB’s development strategy? What distinguishes you from other projects?

NEWTECHLAB’s “Strategy” is definitely linked to new projects and innovative solutions for the market.
Our business should not only be classified for the management of extinguishing waste, because while others dispose the waste, NEWTECHLAB find it, recycles it and recovers the products from the waste. That help to keep a cleaner planet – our home.
With current and future business partners, we are ready to invest in new business models. We hope that, through the cooperation with public and private research institutes, we will further improve our know-how to support our development.

What do you think of events such as the Polish Congress of Entrepreneurship?

I am positively surprised. The Polish Congress for Entrepreneurship is a unique event of great importance. It involves entrepreneurs with a significant impact on modern economics and environmental measures. We have started many new contacts with our partners, not only in our sector. I am also honoured to be among the speakers during the debate on environmental protection and promotion. In addition to my speech, I had the opportunity to listen to other discussions, which I consider to be a great added value.

Sylwia Giersztyn

Translation by Newtechlab

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