Sustainable development in the industrial and environmental fields is becoming a very important topic for many companies looking for new opportunities.

In, an interview was published with NewTechLab representatives, where show how to reconcile modern entrepreneurship with environmental protection.

Read the interview at:

NewTechLab – who are we?

Our story starts well earlier than the current activity of NewTechLab.

Our technology partners have been pioneers in the production and use of dry ABC powder since ’70 of the 20th century, with a major contribution to the work on the definition of current standards for fire extinguishers ABC (as part of regulation EN615).

They are real experts in this area and are now leading our development.

NewTechLab is one of the few companies in Poland able to recycle 100% of the components from several types of fire extinguishers. All of this is done with full respect for the environment and according with the current regulations. Our operations began in 2017 with a research and development program that allowed us to start up our full business and services since the end of 2019.

Our ambition is to further develop and become a European leader in the disposal of fire extinguishers and the production of fire-fighting products.

The key goals of NewTechLab are: 100% eco-friendly operations, waste reduction and affordable high-quality product delivery.

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