“The situation of our planet is getting worse. any initiative toward a circular economy, it is priceless for the environment” – said Silvio Bucci, Newtechlab’s CEO.

NewTechLab is an innovative company whose domain has been the “zero waste” idea.

The company operates in the fire protection industry and supports sustainable development and earth protection initiatives. Thanks to advanced technology, Newtechlab is a pioneer of the “go-green” model. It’s the first company in Europe to process and reuse used ABC powder, making it environmentally sustainable.

For the brand, the last two years were successful. It is the winner of several important awards, including Ekostrategist 2020, Ekostrategist 2021 and the European Economic Award.

Through its achievements, the company shows that what apparently seems to be worthless can become a fully usable product. For its achievement, NewTechLab has been awarded with the Made in Poland 2022 award.

According to the President of the company, NewTechLab has many reasons to be proud, because Poland shows the ability to achieve the expectations of the European Green order. “The NewTechLab team is certainly a model to be followed.

“We found a solution to the serious problem of the raw material deficit,” said proudly the President Silvio Bucci.



Translation by Newtechlab.

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