“It’s a good idea to set up new business directions and communicate new standards to our customers,” said NewTechLab Silvio Bucci, President, who received the 2020 Ekostrategist award. It is another confirmation that the direction of development adopted by NewTechLab is also an excellent example for other companies searching their place on the European market for green products and services.

Ekostrategist was an initiative of the Polish Enterprise Agency. Its main objective is to promote positive business attitudes toward environmental protection through innovative solutions for the economy. This idea is very well-suited to the values driven by NewTechLab. As President Silvio Bucci points out, being a pioneer in the market for managing the disposal of fire extinguishers and the regeneration of fire powder is a big commitment.

“We know that we are in the right direction and that is also our responsibility to support such business attitudes toward the development of the circular economy. With our efforts, we can say that NewTechLab is a green company that, thanks to recycling and zero waste policy, creates a fully usable product. It is proof that it’s possibile develop a dinamic business taking care the environment,” explains Silvio Bucci and adds: – Thanks to the Polish Enterprise Agency for recognizing and appreciating our job. This strongly encourages us to further develop the green growth of our company.

For many years, the Polish Enterprise Agency worked for a good image of Polish companies, institutions, self-governments and universities. It also builds its tasks through national media. It is a publisher of the Business and Business Forum Plus, an addition to Gazeta Wyborcza. It is the organizer of the Polish Business Congress and also many national industry conferences. The Polish Business Agency offers opportunities for potential business partners by organizing an area of exchange of experiences and modern solutions to strengthen the potential of the Polish economy.

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