Once again, the business values established in our company have been appreciated. NetTechLab has been nominated for the prestigious made in Poland award, granted as part of the congress of Polish producers, distributors and service providers.

“This is an excellent information for us, which shows that our efforts, on one side, to improve our core business and, one the other one, to protect the environment, gained recognition of the Polish Enterprise Agency. This is a honor for us, but it is also a commitment for a further develop of a sustainable recycling-promoting activity and a zero weste principle” emphasizes Silvio Bucci, President of NewTechLab.

Congress MADE in POLAND is a cyclical event aimed at highlighting the potential of Polish producers, which has a significant impact on the shape and development of the polish economy in various sectors. It is also an opportunity to show a wide range of companies and companies in dynamic growth, which can be a good example of sustainable business, even for foreign partners.

About NewTechLab

NewTechLab is an innovative company that benefits years of experience in the fire extinguishing industry and from ABC extinguishing powders in many industries.

As one of the few companies in Poland, NewTechLab can dispose of all types of fire extinguishers 100%, in full compliance with environmental regulations and regulations in Poland and Europe.

The company’s headquarters is located in Skalna near the airport in Krakow.

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