The activities of NewTechLab in the fire protection industry are many important aspects on which the vision of our business development is based. In addition to green technologies and environmental protection, our most important goals also include maintaining the highest quality of products that we offer our customers.

Quality is one of the key elements of our business and certainly an element that distinguishes us in the fire protection industry. By offering our products to customers in Poland and Europe, we want to be sure that they are of the highest quality and allow not only to meet market demand, but also contribute to the protection of the natural environment, and are part of the circular economy.

We deliver on our commitment to high-quality NewTechLab products in many ways. In the area of ​​extinguishing powder regeneration, we focus on a reliable analysis of the material. We have a modern laboratory that allows us to carry out a detailed analysis of the chemical composition of extinguishing powders. We also use the experience of external, accredited laboratories, where we additionally perform comparative tests confirming compliance with the EN615 standard.

An important element of maintaining the quality of regenerated extinguishing powder is the control of each batch produced. Our employees take special care of the proper parameters and characteristics of the material, which then determine the appropriate level of safety in fire protection conditions.

Undoubtedly, the basis of our activities is modern technology and advanced devices that allow the regeneration of used extinguishing powder and its preparation according to specific chemical parameters. Thanks to advanced technology, NewTechLab produces regenerated ABC powder suitable for universal use. At the same time, NTL30 extinguishing powder does not contain PFAS and is fully compliant with the EN615 standard.

As a company, we have made sure that modern technology is also green, and therefore that it allows to use the potential of the ecological aspect of our business to the maximum extent. We want to be a company that sets a good example to others, but we also take responsibility for caring for the natural environment as part of our business activities.

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