What will happen in a few years if we don’t take care of the environment? What will our future be if we continue to think that we can’t do anything alone, and that everything depends on big companies and organizations? Time to act is getting shorter and shorter, so at New Tech Lab we are aware of the importance of protecting the environment and developing green technologies. It’s not just a matter of developing our company, but building a future for the next generations.

We all know the importance of fresh air, clean water and a good climate around us. However, to make it possible, all of us should do our part, no matter who we are or what we do for a living. Our individual responsibility should become mutual and also falls on companies, from the smallest to large corporations.

At New Tech Lab, we take environmental protection very seriously, and base our business on the belief that bringing products back for reuse in a closed-loop economy makes a lot of sense. That’s why we deal with two key activities on a daily basis:

  • collection and disposal of firefighting waste,
  • production of reprocessed ABC NTL30 fire extinguishing powder.

In all of our activities, we strive to reduce our environmental impact, as evidenced by the green certification obtained for NTL30 regenerated fire extinguishing powder by the Dutch Keurmerk Intituut. This means that our product is fully compliance with the European green deal regulations and then environmentally friendly. Also, all processes for the collection and disposal of firefighting waste are organized in such a way as to support environmental protection.

Starting with ourselves, we are building awareness and space for the development of green technologies. We also undertake cooperation with proven business partners who are guided by similar values as New Tech Lab. At the same time, we welcome all companies, institutions and public entities that have firefighting waste and are looking for a reliable business partner, including for long-term orders. Together we can make our future better and the world around us much more beautiful.

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