Newtechlab Ekostrateg 2022

We are facing a huge challenge today. We must prevent a global environmental disaster. Companies like Newtechlab are representing a real solution.

Newtechlab is an innovative company focused on the “zero waste” idea, supporting sustainable development and earth protection initiatives.

Newtechlab is a pioneer in the go-green model thanks to their advanced technologies.

President Silvio Bucci already noted Poland’s potential in 2008. Economical potential, providing opportunities for start-up developments, and logistics thanks to its location that allows easy communications.

Newtechlab also notes the extremely important problem affecting not only Poland, but also the whole world: too much emphasis on recycling stubble.

The solution could be found in the increase of the cooperation between authorities and private companies. At this moment, environmental protection and proper waste management are the most important topic and it can be achieved through the cooperation of many actors, including government authorities.

In environmental topics there is no place for half-measures. Companies like Newtechlab and CEO Silvio Bucci are seeing real problems and are focused on real actions.

Tomasz Kisiel,

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